Separation Support Meetings in DC Metro Area

Separation support meetings on various topics are held in members' homes in Olney, and throughout the DC metro area. Groups range in size from 10-20 and are led by a New Beginnings member trained to facilitate the discussion. You may join the conversation or just listen; there is never any pressure to talk.

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Separation Support Meetings


January Discussion Topics

ACHIEVING AN EMOTIONAL DIVORCE: The real divorce occurs when we stop letting our ex push our buttons. Whether years before the separation or years after, how do we achieve an emotional divorce?

FAMILY TIES: How did your immediate & extended family respond to your separation? What has been the impact on relationships with siblings, parents, in-laws & grand-kids?

BUILDING NEW SOCIAL NETWORKS: What to do & where to go to expand social and support networks, especially if recently separated.

FIRST DATE FRUSTRATIONS: EVERYONE feels anxiety about starting to date again--are the rules different now? What are your fears & expectations?

RELATIONSHIP ETIQUETTE: Is there a code of behavior for meeting & mating? Let's talk about it, from beginnings to endings & all the stages inbetween.

Dates in italics are in Virginia

Sun 5 (3:00-5:00 PM)  Family Ties
Fri 10  Achieving an Emotional Divorce
Fri 24  First Date Frustrations
Sun 26 (3:00-5:00 PM) Building New Social Networks
Fri 31  Relationship Etiquette


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