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NEW BEGINNINGS® is a marital separation support group for separated and divorced men and women based in the DC metro area (MD, DC and VA). Established in 1979, we are the oldest and only group in the metro area that deals strictly with separation/divorce and is open to people with or without children. 

support_in_hand.pngA marital separation is a wrenching experience which can happen to anyone at any time for a variety of reasons. We believe that by sharing feelings with other people in similar situations, we can gain a better perspective on the process of separation and thereby begin to build a new life. This is our first task—because the one certainty is that our lives cannot remain the same.

NEW BEGINNINGS® discussion meetings are offered several times a month and are open to non-members. Led by member volunteers trained to guide the discussion, these meetings offer a chance to talk to others who share and understand your concerns.



We now offer three in-person meetings each month--two in MD/DC & one in VA. For now, only fully vaccinated people may attend, & proof is required. 

Our monthly Dinner & Movie Nights are also back!

An online meeting will never be the same as an in-person one. We don’t pretend that it is. But it is better than nothing, and we are exceedingly grateful to have this option to keep our services alive when so many other organizations must cancel, postpone or close entirely.

There are, in fact, several advantages to online discussions:

  • You don’t have to drive anywhere. The gas and travel time you save can be spent shopping online or bingeing on Netflix.

  • You can attend any of them, regardless of where you live.

  • We can offer more of them because we don’t need physical locations.

  • We can accommodate as few or as many participants as want to come

Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to embrace change. We understand that this is hard. NB members have always been courageous, resilient and quick to show compassion toward others. This is a chance to do that in a different way. We can do this—together.


Discussion Meetings


DUMPERS & DUMPEES: Does it really matter who left whom? What assumptions do we make about each? How is our recovery process affected by the label we assign to ourselves?

SEPARATION & THE FIRST LOVE: The first love after you separate is almost always wonderful but rarely lasts. If it's happened to you, come share; if you wish it would, come learn!

WHAT I'VE LEARNED FROM MY DIVORCE: Divorce is such a life-altering experience that much about ourselves & the way we look at life changes. For those who are through it, what wisdom can you share? For those just beginning, gain insight & hope for the future!

OPEN DISCUSSION: Bring the issues most on your mind. Get feedback & support for current challenges, & learn by listening to others what lies ahead. If you’re in a good place, celebrate your progress, & share your wisdom as a beacon to those just beginning their journey.


Open Events

Any single can attend



Speaker:   WONDA OLIVER, Deputy Director of Consumer Assistance, Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (www.marylandhbe.com)

Compare plans, find savings, get covered!

Fee in Advance:  $15 Non-Members



Divorce 101

NEW BEGINNINGS, the COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE CENTER OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, and the MONTGOMERY COUNTY BAR FOUNDATION are co-sponsoring a 6-week program covering everything you need to know about divorce in Maryland.  It is offered twice a year and features 13 of the top family law professionals in Montgomery County as speakers.

NEXT SESSION:  Tuesdays, Sept 19-Oct 24, 2023


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