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Divorce Support Group in DC Metro Area

NEW BEGINNINGS® is a marital separation support group for separated and divorced men and women the DC metro area (MD, DC and VA). Established in 1979, we are the oldest and only group in the metro area that deals strictly with separation/divorce and is open to people with or without children. Contact us in Olney, Maryland, to learn more about our separation and divorce support group.

support_in_hand.pngA marital separation is a wrenching experience which can happen to anyone at any time for a variety of reasons. We believe that by sharing feelings with other people in similar situations, we can gain a better perspective on the process of separation and thereby begin to build a new life. This is our first task—because the one certainty is that our lives cannot remain the same.

NEW BEGINNINGS® discussion meetings are held in members' homes, several times a month, and are open to non-members. Led by NB members trained to guide the discussion, these meetings offer a chance to talk to others who share and understand your concerns.


January Discussion Topics

ACHIEVING AN EMOTIONAL DIVORCE: The real divorce occurs when we stop letting our ex push our buttons. Whether years before the separation or years after, how do we achieve an emotional divorce?

FAMILY TIES: How did your immediate & extended family respond to your separation? What has been the impact on relationships with siblings, parents, in-laws & grand-kids?

BUILDING NEW SOCIAL NETWORKS: What to do & where to go to expand social and support networks, especially if recently separated.

FIRST DATE FRUSTRATIONS: EVERYONE feels anxiety about starting to date again--are the rules different now? What are your fears & expectations?

RELATIONSHIP ETIQUETTE: Is there a code of behavior for meeting & mating? Let's talk about it, from beginnings to endings & all the stages inbetween.

Dates in italics are in Virginia

Sun 5 (3:00-5:00 PM)  Family Ties
Fri 10  Achieving an Emotional Divorce
Fri 24  First Date Frustrations
Sun 26 (3:00-5:00 PM)   Building New Social Networks
Fri 31  Relationship Etiquette


Dates in italics are in Virginia

Fri 7  Falling In & Out of Love
Sun 9 (3:00-5:00 PM) A Valentine to Myself
Fri 21 In Search of the Perfect Partner
Sun 23 (3:00-5:00 PM) Opposite Sex Friends
Fri 28  Love Myths


Open Events


Dinner & Movie Night
Saturday, January 18
5:00 PM Dinner, 7:00 PM Movie
Fee: $35 at door
Bonefish Grill, Gaithersburg, MD


Dinner & Movie Night
Saturday, February 1



Divorce 101Rockville, MD

NEW BEGINNINGS, the COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE CENTER OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, and the MONTGOMERY COUNTY BAR FOUNDATION are co-sponsoring a 6-week program covering everything you need to know about divorce in Maryland.  It is offered twice a year in Rockville and features 13 of the top family law professionals in Montgomery County as speakers.

The next offering starts in Sept 2019.  Cost is $10/Session or $50 for all 6.

Advance RSVP Required: RSVP: 301-924-4101 or 


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