Divorce 101 is a 6-week series of public education seminars offering an overview of the divorce process in Maryland.  It is offered twice a year online and features 13 of the top family law professionals in Montgomery County as speakers.  Cost is $10/session or $50 for all 6.

  • Week 1:  BEFORE YOU SEPARATE (Emotional Realities, Financial Realities, Legal Implications)
  • Week 2:  BASIC LAW I (Grounds for Divorce, Elements of a Separation Agreement, Filing Process)
  • Week 3:  BASIC LAW II, Children's Issues (Parenting Plans, Child Support)
  • Week 4:  APPROACHES TO DIVORCE (Litigation, Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Self-Represented)
  • Week 5:  FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS (Marital Home, Pension/Retirement, Insurance, Spousal Support)
  • Week 6:  FINDING SUPPORT (Counseling, Support Groups for You & Your Kids, Family & Friends)

The next offering will be Spring 2022 (dates not set).  

For more information, contact Carol Randolph at [email protected]